German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Selection of applicants

The selection of applicants follows a two step process.

In the first step, complete applications that fulfill the eligibility criteria are assessed based on a numeric scoring system. Scoring of applicants is mainly oriented towards their qualification, motivation, leadership potential, commitment of the employing institution to support the applicant’s participation in the programme, quality of endorsement letters and the transfer project concept. Secondarily, the programme seeks a balance regarding the distribution of countries and regions, gender, and governmental versus non-governmental backgrounds among participants.

In the second step, shortlisted applicants and their respective references may be contacted, in order to clarify any open questions and to receive more information on the applicant if needed. Finally, a total of 20 participants will be selected to participate in each cycle of the programme. As the number of participants is limited, fulfillment of the eligibility criteria does not guarantee admission to the programme.

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