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Training venue

Photo: BfN

The training modules will be conducted at the International Academy for Nature Conservation of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm. Part of the Southeast Ruegen Biosphere Reserve, the 94 ha island is not only of exceptional natural beauty, but also an ideal venue for concentrated course work. While the Isle of Vilm is an example of successful efforts to conserve natural resources since as early as 1812, the facilities are also fully equipped to meet today’s demands of study.

The academy has an outstanding reputation for conducting training and expert workshops on a wide range of conservation topics, with a particular focus on Eurasia.

Accommodation is provided in 9 guesthouses which are equipped with telephone and internet access. All meals are provided by the academy’s canteen – which is important considering the remote location and lack of shops on the island. The facility serves predominantly organic and seasonal food from the surrounding region.

The island is accessible by ferry from the port of Lauterbach on the larger island of Ruegen. There are regular trains connecting Lauterbach to Berlin, Hamburg and Rostock airports.

Location of the venue in Germany

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