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For interested organisers:

You are interested in hosting an event at the International Academy for Nature Conservation (INA)? Preparation and execution of the seminars is carried out under your own responsibility, but supported by INA in organisational matters.

For more details please contact

Martina Finger
Phone: +49(0)38301-86-112

Cancellation of an event through the organiser is currently free of charge.

For interested participants:

You have found an event in our conference calendar which caught your interest? Your inquiries will be forwarded to the respective organiser by

Martina Finger
Phone: +49(0)38301-86-112

Cancellation modalities:
In case of being prevented to participate in an event, a timely cancellation is required. Up till three days before the start of the event, cancellation is free of charge. After that, cancellation fees of 80 % of the total amount are charged. There are no exceptions possible. The cancellation period may vary for some selected events.

Current price list

Prices are subject to change.

Prices at the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm from 2019-01-01 to 2019-12-31


Single room65,00 €
Double room per person50,00 €

Board per person

Breakfast5,00 €
Lunch11,00 €
Dinner8,00 €
Packed lunch (excursions)6,00 €
Break refreshments, conference refreshments and other drinks will be charged separately and must be ordered in advance by the organizer for the conference.
Coffee/tea1,00 €
Cake2,00 €
Cookies1,00 €
Further refrehments according to price list
Conference refreshments (The organizer will pay the costs)according to price list

Costs per day for conference rooms:

Room Rügen (conference hall, maximum 65 participants)per day160,00 €
Room House 1 (medium sized conference room, maximum 22 participants)per day110,00 €
Room Putbus (small conference room, maximum 12 participants)per day90,00 €

Participants who cancel their participation three days or less ahead of the conference will be charged 80% of the accommodation and board costs for the whole conference if they do not name a replacement. Participants arriving later than announced have to cover the originally appointed services.

The organisers are obliged to inform their participants in advance about the cancellation policy of the academy. By signing the contract with the academy, the organisers are liable for the payment of cancellation fees arising from the short-term cancellation of any participant. Usually, the workshop organiser is charged for cancellation costs of workshop participants.


We prefer payment by Maestro-Card (EC-Card). However, payment by credit card and bank transfer is possible in case you do not have a Maestro-Card.

Payment by cash is not possible.


If you have any questions about accounts please contact

Stefanie Rossius
Phone: +49(0)38301-86-114

Stones on the shore | Photo: R. Grunewald


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