German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Stable xerothermophilous formations with Buxus sempervirens on rock slopes (Berberidion p.p.)

NATURA 2000 Code: 5110


Natural woodland edge communities of Buxus-rich xeric woodlands over limestone and xerothermophilous scrub formations on xerothermic sites with Buxus including their saum communities of the Geranion sanguinei alliance on calcareous or siliceous substrates.

Notes on habitat mapping:

The precondition for assignment to this habitat type is the natural presence of Buxus sempervirens (dominant in parts). The delimitation is to include larger groups; individual bushes are not to be recorded. The saum communities of the xerothermic fringes are to be included. Plantings of Buxus (parks, graveyards etc.) are excluded.

Last Change: 02/03/2021