German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


* Pannonic woods with Quercus petraea and Carpinus betulus

NATURA 2000 Code: *91G0


Subcontinental to pannonic oak-hornbeam forest (in some cases taking the form of Tilio-Carpinenion forest) on clay/loam-dominated and usually dry soil, usually in situations with favourable temperatures, with the emphasis on subcontinental regions (thermophile oak-hornbeam forest).

Mostly outside the beech forest range.

Notes on habitat mapping:

The various types of oak-hornbeam forest are classified and delineated by reference to distinguishing species, with Stellario-Carpinetum (9160) and Galio-Carpinetum (9170) species on the one hand and subcontinental Tilio-Carpinetum species on the other. Alluvial locations are generally Stellario-Carpinetum.

Last Change: 02/03/2021