German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Land use in Germany in 2014

Agriculture the biggest land user in Germany

Agriculture remains the biggest land user in Germany with approximately 52 percent of the land surface. Agricultural use of the land not only shapes the countryside but has a major influence on the development of biodiversity in Germany.

Agriculture is Germany’s biggest land user. More than half of the German land surface is farmed (over 18 million hectares; 51.7 percent). The second largest land user is forestry, which takes up nearly a third of the land area. 13.7 percent of the land surface is occupied by human settlements and transportation. This includes built-up and related land, transport infrastructure, industrial land (excluding mining land), recreational areas and cemeteries. As the overall picture shows, the use of land for farming and forestry has a major influence on nature in Germany. Changes in land use directly impact biodiversity.

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