German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


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Ring chart showing land use in Germany in 2014. Farmland, including peatlands and heaths, covers 18,460,700 hectares and accounts for 51.66 percent of the total area of Germany. The second largest land use category is forest land, with 10,930,600 hectares or 30.59 percent of the total. All other land use categories account for less than 10 percent each. These comprise built-up and related land, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, with 7 percent and 2,502,600 hectares; transport infrastructure, including paved and unpaved roads and squares, with 5.06 percent and 1,807,100 hectares; inland waters with 2.37 percent and 847,700 hectares; other land uses, including cemeteries and wasteland with 1.36 percent and 485,000 hectares; recreational areas, including parks, with 1.23 percent and 439,700 hectares; and industrial land, including mining land, with 0.74 percent and 264,300 hectares. Germany’s total land area amounts to 35,737,700 hectares.