German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Botanical Species Conservation

Dr. Daniel Wolf
+49 (0)228 8491-1440

Dr. David Harter
+49 (0)228 8491-1442

Konstantinstr. 110
53179 Bonn, Germany
+49 (0)228 8491-1419

Activities/Thematic Focus

  • 1. Analysing the situation and threat status of wild plant species and their habitats
  • 2. Conceptual development and updating of the German Red Lists and analyses of causes of threat for plant and fungus species
  • 3. Ongoing development and updating of the lists of plant and fungus species for which Germany has special responsibility for their global conservation
  • 4. Development of approaches and strategies for the conservation and promotion of plant and fungus species and of vegetation
  • 5. Nature conservation support and ongoing development of national and international plant and fungus species conservation law:
  • • CITES/EU CITES Regulation
  • • Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) and Federal Conservation Ordinance (BArtSchV)
  • 6. CITES Scientific Authority for plants under Section 48 (2) BNatSChG
  • 7. Developing approaches and strategies for the management of non-indigenous, alien and invasive plant species, including assessment of invasiveness
  • 8. Approving the release of plants not yet occurring domestically, in accordance with Section 40 (5) BNatSChG; approval of the planting of alien plant species in the EEZ, in accordance with Section 40 (4) BNatSChG; approval of the use of plant species in the EEZ in accordance with the EU Aquaculture Regulation
  • 9. Development of strategies and approaches for the conservation and sustainable use of internationally traded plant groups
  • 10. Maintenance and ongoing development of information systems on plants, fungi and vegetation
  • • WISIA (scientific information system on international species conservation –
  • • FLORAWEB (data and information on wild plants and vegetation in Germany –
  • • Database on the distribution and population situation of plants in Germany
  • • NEOBIOTA (information system on invasive alien species in Germany –
  • 11. Updating of taxonomic reference lists (checklists) of wild plant and fungus groups in Germany
  • 12. National Focal Point for the CBD Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
  • 13. General and fundamental issues relating to the ecology and conservation of flora species and flora communities

Last Change: 27/04/2021