German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Environmental Impact Assessment on Genetically Modified Organisms and Implementation of the Biosafety Protocol


Integration of nature conservation issues into genetical engineering policy

Research Code

201 67 430/07

Project Lifecycle

1 May 2001 – 31 July 2003 / Extended to April 2006

Research Focus and Aims

The aim of the project is to gain an insight into international research on the environmental impact of genetically modified organisms (especially plants) and to identify the gaps in and limits to biological safety research. An initial phase takes up the methodologies used in genetic modification of plants and the associated risks. The project then focuses on general phenomena like hybridisation, horizontal gene transfer and dispersal of genetically modified organisms. New traits transferred to plants and their potential effects (direct and indirect) on the environment and biodiversity are addressed. The project also looks at the emergence of resistance traits and their impact on the use of pesticides.

Research Body

Institut für Biodiversität
Netzwerk e.V. Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft
Dr. Martha Mertens

Point of Contact at BfN

Birgit Winkel FG II 2.3

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