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Statistics - Summary

CITES Annual Statistics

The annual statistics have been cancelled. These statistics were only a static presentation at an appropriate reporting date without the possibilities for further researching. 

You can research all data concerning imports and exports in the following rubric "Database research".


For individual queries regarding the import or export of specimens of protected species, our database-research (only in German) can be freely accessed. The statistics are brought up to date in July/August of every year by incorporating the previous year's data.

In addition you have the opportunity to research the import and export data of all parties of CITES beginning with the year 1976 in the trade data base of the World Conservation Monitoring Center.

The research can be made for species as well as for the whole trade. You can make e.g. an annual report for a Party, separated for exports and imports. This can be done in the following manner:

You choose first of all the year (e.g. 2015) and thereafter the import - or export country (e.g. Germany). Then click the button "Search".

screenshot of the menu of the CITES trade database

Afterwards you can choose the output form of the report. For this click in the menu "Reports" either on "web" for the report in html-form or on "csv" for the report in excel-form. For the output of the report click on "Get Report".
If in the case of an excel-report the data are not separated in columns go back one step and modify the output form from "comma separated" in "semicolon separated".

Screenshot of the output menu of the CITES trade database

Then you get the report e.g. in excel-form.

screenshot of an excel-report from the CITES trade database

Summary tables

By referring to our compiled summary tables you can also obtain information on the number of permits issued or the number of seizures and confiscations effected.


Until 2014, the measures taken to implement the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in the Federal Republic of Germany were summarized in a Biennial  Report. From the 2015 reporting year onwards, these reports have been replaced by the Implementation Report, which must be compiled every three years. The biennial and implementation reports are available as pdf files on the corresponding page of the CITES Secretariat from the period 2003/2004 on.


Last Change: 02/03/2021