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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

BfN Schriften 116 - Promoting CITES-CBD Cooperation and Synergy: Proceedings of the Workshop 20.-24.4.2004, Vilm, Germany

International cooperation
This volume provides the international community with the background papers circulated to all participants before the workshop, the supporting letters from both Secretariats and the outcomes of the meeting itself. Many rather specific and concrete fields of action were identified at Vilm which, if implemented on the national and international level, would significantly improve the efficiency of both conventions.
Gisela Stolpe and Wiltrud Fischer
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Year of publication


Decision VII/26 adopted by the 7th Conference of the Parties of the CBD in February 2004 calls for such an enhanced cooperation between the CBD and other biodiversity related conventions such as CITES in order to strengthen existing cooperative arrangements, to enhance synergies, to reduce inefficiencies, and to improve the implementation of both conventions. This approach is entirely supported by the German government and the European Community. In this context, the results of the workshop on promoting CITES/CBD cooperation and synergy, held at the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm in April 2004, become even more important. The preparation of the workshop itself was an excellent example of cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental bodies working together towards a common goal.

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