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Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) (1973)

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Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

Contracting parties:

183 (as of February 2018), Germany has been a party since 1976.


To protect a number of species of wild fauna and flora from over-exploitation by international trade.


The convention lists more than 5,000 animal species and approx. 28,000 plant species in three Appendices according to degree of threat. Appendix I lists species threatened with extinction. Appendix II lists such species whose conservation status generally permits regulated commercial use under scientific control. Appendix III lists populations of certain species for which at least one contracting state considers international restrictions on trade to be necessary to protect that population; the populations are listed by those states. CITES is transposed into European Community law finally and directly by two Regulations on species conservation.

Depending upon their conservation status, specimens of the species listed are subject to certain restrictions on import or export, such as prohibitions on trade, export quotas or supplementary permits. Each party is required to establish one or more Management Authorities responsible for implementing the convention in the respective country. In addition, one or more designated Scientific Authorities work closely with the Management Authorities and advise them.

The meetings of the Conference of the Parties (CoP) take decisions at regular intervals (roughly every two years) on the inclusion of new species in appendices, the transfer of species among the appendices or the removal of species from appendices. In addition, the CoP issues recommendations to the member states in the form of resolutions concerning the implementation or interpretation of the convention.


CITES Secretariat
International Environment House
Chemin des Anémones
1219 Châtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +4122 917 8139/40
Fax: +4122 797 3417

BfN activities:

CITES Management Authority and Scientific Authority for the Federal Republic of Germany; issuance of import and export documents for specimens of protected species; prosecution of infringements of CITES; organization of the keeping of confiscated living animal and plants and organization of the utilization of confiscated parts and products of protected species.

Analysis of trade in and threats to traded animal and plant species, development of identification tools and checklists.

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