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European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
founded in 1974


The European Environmental Bureau’s members are 143 non-governmental environmental and nature conservation organisations in 31 European countries.


The EEB aims to promote knowledge and understanding of current and potential EU environmental and sustainable development policies among the general public in the EU, leading the public to mobilise for continuous improvement in such policies. By coordinating the influence of European environmental and nature conservation organisations, the EEB hopes to bring about a change in EU environmental and nature conservation policies in the direction of sustainability.


The EEB has an information and press service and twelve specialised Working Groups (on agriculture, air quality, biodiversity, chemicals, eco-labels, EU enlargement, environmental fiscal reform, industry, noise, soil strategies (soil conservation policy), waste management and water pollution), produces position papers on topics on the EU agenda, represents its membership in discussions with European institutions and performs lobbying in Brussels. It also tracks the performance of European institutions in their obligation of integrating environmental and nature conservation concerns in all policy areas.

The EEB has consultative status at the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the United Nations, and has working relations with the Commission of the European Union, the Economic and Social Committee of the European Union, the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, the OECD, the European Trade Union Confederation and the Bureau of European Consumers’ Unions.

The EEB’s funding is made up of membership fees and of grants from the EU Commission and national parliaments.

The European Environmental Bureau has two decision-making bodies: The Annual Conference and the Executive Committee.


European Environmental Bureau
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