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Profile: EuroNatur

European Nature Heritage Fund (EuroNatur)
founded in 1987


EuroNatur is a foundation and therefore has no members. However, EuroNatur is in close contact to several international and national partner organisations in about 20 European countries (including Germany). Furthermore, EuroNatur is funded by sponsors such as Gelsenwasser AG.


EuroNatur aims to protect endangered wildlife and its habitats and to support sustainable regional development. These aims are advanced through local, regional and cross-border cooperation. A further objective is to link up practical nature conservation with research, policymaking and business. EuroNatur also carries out and funds environmental education activities.


EuroNatur has built up an international network of over 300 nature conservation practitioners, scientists and environment experts. It works with other organisations in about 20 Europe-wide to conserve nature and promote sustainable regional development. The Foundation ensures that environmental, business and policymaking concerns are addressed in all project activities it carries out and coordinates.

EuroNatur has its head office in Radolfzell, southern Germany, German branch offices in Bonn and Ludwigsburg and an Austrian branch office in Graz. The Presiding Committee is made up of a President, Vice President and four ordinary members. Beside the chief executive officer there is also a Conservation Policy Director.

EuroNatur is funded from investment earnings on its foundation capital and from donations. Extra financial support is obtained for EuroNatur projects from state agencies and private-sector sponsors.

EuroNatur has the seal of approval of the Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen, a highly regarded endorsement for charities indicating transparent, economical and charter-compliant use of funds together with honesty and objectivity in promotional copy and images used for fund-raising.


Head office:
EURONATUR Radolfzell
Konstanzerstr. 22
D-78315 Radolfzell

Tel: +49(0)7732-92 72-0
Fax: +49(0)7732-92 72-22


BfN activities:

Together with the BUND Green Belt project office, EuroNatur carries out the research and development project "Advancement of the European Green Belt Initiative". In addition, EuroNatur implements the BfN supported project  "Establishment of conservation organizations in Montenegro and Kosovo". 

Further information

EuroNatur website

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