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Cooperation between the BfN and China

BfN has been cooperating with China for many years on issues of nature conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem services. Both sides benefit from this bilateral cooperation through the regular exchange of experience. On the one hand, Germany's diverse experience, e.g. in the fields of biodiversity monitoring, protected area management, sustainable land use, etc., can be of great interest to China. But also Germany can learn from China's experiences and activities, for example in the field of ecosystem restoration. Furthermore, China is increasingly positioning itself as a pioneer in international biodiversity policy with the aim of implementing, by 2035, the vision of "Ecological Civilization", which was incorporated into the Chinese constitution in 2018. Under this theme, China will also host the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity which is scheduled to take place in Kunming in 2021.

CRAES: Our main ccoperation partner in China

CRAES president, LI Haisheng, and BfN president Beate Jessel at the virtual signing of the
Memorandum of Understanding, 2020 (© ZHANG Zeyan/ CRAES and Ursula Euler/BfN)
The picture shows CRAES president, LI Haisheng, and BfN president Beate Jessel at the virtual signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, 2020.

The Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) is a research institution under the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) which was created in 2008. Activities include research, policy advice, and technical support for the implementation of national policy guidelines on pollution, climate change and biodiversity conservation. CRAES works closely with BfN on a number of projects, primarily focused on biodiversity (protected area management, indicators for biodiversity monitoring and evaluation, and conservation of species-rich carbon-storing ecosystems).

Since 2008, Chinese-German workshops on selected biodiversity and nature conservation topics have been held annually, alternating between China and Germany. These workshops are a central element of the Chinese-German cooperation between BfN and CRAES.

The cooperation between CRAES and BfN was emphasized in government consultations and fixed in the German-Chinese action plan "Innovation gemeinsam gestalten! On October 9, 2020, BfN and CRAES formalized their existing partnership by signing a cooperation agreement, on the basis of which they intend to further strengthen their scientific collaboration.

Chinese-German Workshops on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Cooperation with other partners in China

In addition to the intensive cooperation with CRAES in the fields of biodiversity, climate change and ecosystem services, BfN also cooperates with other Chinese institutions as well as German and European partners. This creates a broad forum for the comparison of methods and approaches and promotes the formation of networks in connection with the topics mentioned above.


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