German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Höltigbaum semi-open pasture landscape

Support priority:

Fostering regional development compatible with nature conservation: Agriculture, forestry and water resource management in line with nature conservation objectives


Hanseatic city of Hamburg and Kreis (district) of Stormarn (Schleswig-Holstein)


08/1999 - 10/2004 (Main project)

02/2000 - 02/2009 (In-process scientific studies)

Short description:


The objective is to establish year-round grazing of an area of approx. 220 ha, so as to preserve the character of a traditional cultural landscape and, in the long term, to develop a semi-open pasture landscape. This should ensure, on the one hand, that aspects of the area with conservation value are sustained and improved. On the other hand, this project aims to test cost-efficient ways of safeguarding and developing land in accordance with conservation principles. In particular, it will examine whether this form of grazing can offer farmers sufficient financial incentives to be integrated into normal working practices.

Project executing agencies:

Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein (nature conservation trust) (Main project)
Eschenbrook 4
24113 Molfsee, Germany

University of Lüneburg (In-process scientific studies)
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Institute of Ecology and Environmental Chemistry
21335 Lüneburg, Germany

Liaison within BfN:

Dr. Peter Finck, Dr. Uwe Riecken, Unit FG II 2.1

Project funding agencies:

BfN; Förderfonds Nord fund trust (financed by the states (Länder) of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein); city of Hamburg; Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein nature conservation trust

Level of funding:

2.38 million €

Further information:

...find out more on the Internet Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig-Holstein conservation foundation)

...find out more on the Internet (University of Lüneburg; only in German)

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