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The International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm (INA) offers around 60 workshops, closed meetings, conferences and training courses every year on issues of national and international nature conservation, many in cooperation with other organisations. These bring together representatives from authorities and science, politics and business, associations and foundations as well as students from all over the world to exchange ideas and jointly develop new solutions for the conservation of nature.

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International Workshop on Resource Inventory Guidelines

20/10/2021 - 22/10/2021

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), ForestEye Research GmbH & Co. KG, Wild Resources Limited
ForestEye Research GmbH & Co. KG - Prof. Christoph Kleinn /, BfN - David Harter FG II 1.2 / -1442 /
Target audience
invited international experts

The workshop is part of a project in which a methodology and guidance tools for resource assessment methods for wild-harvested plants is being developed. The focus of the project and the methodolgy is on plant species listed in App. II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and aims to provide a tool for CITES authorities and other stakeholders along trade and control chains to evaluate exisiting resource inventory and assessment information with regard to their appropiateness, scientific rigour and correct interpretation. The workshop is meant to present a first draft of the methodology to selected international experts, for review and evaluation, in order to improve and optimise the draft. After finalisation, the methodology will be published as a freely available document.

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