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Economic Aspects of Nature Restoration

13/10/2021 - 16/10/2021

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Dennis Abel, BfN-I 2.1
Target audience
researchers from economics, social sciences, geography, ecology and other related disciplines as well as practitioners from nature conservation

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) urges member states to mobilize research on ecosystem restoration and develop policies to strengthen and scale up restoration initiatives. The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 announces an „ambitious EU Nature Restoration Plan“ to create jobs, reconcile economic activities with nature conservation, and protect the long-term value of natural capital. As an actor at the science-policy interface, BfN contributes with this workshop to shed light on the socio-economic parameters of restoration of degraded ecosystems in the European Union. We therefore invite researchers from economics, social sciences, geography, ecology and other related disciplines as well as practitioners from nature conservation to participate in the workshop. We welcome a pluralism of theories and methods and encourage submission of inter- and transdisciplinary work. A regional focus on the EU is desirable but not mandatory. Key topic areas that will be addressed in the workshop are:
- Case studies on the economic evaluation of restoration of ecosystems;
- Analysis of regional value creation through restoration;
- Analysis of favorable socio-economic framework conditions as well as barriers for restoration;
- Ethical, conceptual and methodological challenges for the economic valuation of nature restoration;
- Possibilities and limits of (innovative) economic instruments to support restoration goals;
- Governance and acceptance issues.

Please see the call for contributions below for further instructions. The extended deadline for abstract submission is June 11, 2021 (18.00 CET).

Call for Contribution


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