German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


The Island in Permafrost

[Translate to en:] Wintervogel Foto: Ralf Grunewald

Vilm, 04.03.2018 Freezing temperatures have hit the Island of Vilm since a fortnight or so. Together with the snow cover winter is getting hard on many animals who are searching for food. Especially songbirds are having a hard time. What seems bee an attractive snow covered landscape to us humans, really is a challenge for all wild animals. Now last year’s fruits that can still be found on different trees and shrubs become the most important food source.  Fieldfares, blackbirds (see photo) and other species hang out on or nearby these bushes. Flying longer distances is no option and everything is focused on saving energy: Birds fluff themselves up and perch in groups on the different trees and shrubs.