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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

BfN Schriften 260 - Communicating values and benefits of protected areas in Europe

The 2007 Europarc Federation strategy included a section on “benefits and values of protected areas”. To further develop this topic the Europarc Federation and BfN held a workshop on “Communicating values and benefits of protected areas in Europe” at the International Academy for Nature Conservation on the Island of Vilm, Germany in April 2009.
Sue Stolton
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Year of publication


Seminar Aims

  • To present the range of arguments available for protected areas and discuss them in the European context
  • To discuss some of the benefits and values in more depth in order to fully explore their meanings and usefulness in the European context
  • To work with WWF’s “Protected Areas Benefits Assessment Tool” (PA‐BAT) in order to equip the participants with a method to identify and assess the values and benefits of their own protected area
  • To discuss ways of better communicating and using the values and benefits for the various strategic target groups and stakeholders in order to generate political will, create public awareness, and mobilize an increased funding for protected areas.
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