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Publication launch: Strengthening synergies for biodiversity and climate

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Tackling biodiversity loss and climate change are two of the biggest challenges of our time. Yet promising solutions exist for addressing both issues together. A new discussion paper published by BfN delves into how policy-makers, project managers and practitioners around the world can strengthen synergies between biodiversity conservation and climate action.
An example for addressing biodiversity loss and climate change in synergy: rewetting drained peatlands reduces greenhouse gas emissions and restores rare habitats for endangered species

The discussion paper “Strengthening synergies for biodiversity and climate” clarifies key concepts and approaches around the topic. This helps the readers to form a common understanding of what synergetic measures mean, what opportunities they bring and what trade-offs they might cause. The paper explores the concept of nature-based solutions (NbS) for climate change mitigation or adaptation and highlights the prerequisites for their successful implementation, though acknowledging that NbS by no means replace the need for rapid, deep and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

The paper presents concrete recommendations for action to enhance synergetic approaches, with special focus on improving policy coherence and coordination across governance levels. The paper also explains the necessity of integrating social considerations into designing and implementing any kind of biodiversity and climate interventions. Furthermore, it explores ways for upscaling synergetic measures such as NbS – this requires incentives and funding, including removing environmentally harmful subsidies, increasing attractivity for private investors and using blended public-private financing.

To find out more about strengthening synergies for biodiversity and climate, join the online launch event of the discussion paper, which will take place on the 14th of June at 14:00 CEST. The launch will include a short summary of the paper’s key messages followed by a panel discussion with the authors.

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