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Vital: Riverine and coastal wetlands for biodiversity and climate

International cooperation
On 26-28 September 2023, the 5th European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change will take place in Bonn. The conference will focus on the role of riverine floodplains and coastal wetlands for biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation. BfN has now published a discussion paper on the conference topic.
Flusslauf des Tagliamento in Italien
Flussauen leisten wichtige Beiträge zum natürlichen Klimaschutz

Riverine and coastal wetlands are vital ecosystems for nature and people. They provide significant contributions to human health and well-being, biodiversity conservation as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation. In particular, they are considered biodiversity hotspots and offer multiple ecosystem services such as climate regulation, carbon sequestration, flood protection, water filtration, food supply, local recreation and nature tourism. To halt the decline of these valuable wetlands in Europe and to strengthen their resilience, there is an urgent need to scale up action. To support this, the new discussion paper summarises the current state of knowledge from science, policy and practice, identifies challenges and options for action, and provides recommendations for effective restoration of river  floodplains and coastal wetlands in Europe.

The publication provides background information and a knowledge base for the European conference "Riverine and coastal wetlands for biodiversity and climate - Linking science, policy and practice", which will be hosted by BfN together with the European Network of Heads of Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA) in Bonn on 26-28 September 2023. The aim of the conference is to bring together European experts from science, policy and practice, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience and to jointly develop the topic further. The conference thus also contributes to the implementation of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Convention). Registration for the conference is possible via the conference website.

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