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Wolves in Germany – new data released today

In the monitoring year 2021/2022 a total number of 161 wolf packs, 42 pairs and 21 single resident individuals were identified. That compares to 158 wolf packs, 35 pairs and 22 single resident individuals from the previous monitoring study conducted in 2020/21 (updated status 22.11.2022). The data was obtained by the German states, which analysed more than 30,000 records. The data is published by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the Federal Documentation and Consultation Centre on Wolves (DBBW) in coordination with the German states.
A wolf in the forest
The number of wolf territories in Germany has been increasing continuously since 2006.

The highest number of wolf packs were found in Brandenburg (47), followed by Lower Saxony (34) and Saxony (31). For the first time since wolves were eradicated, experts were able to identify wolf pups in Hesse. The number of dead wolves found in the monitoring year 2021/2022 jumped from a year earlier from 138 to 148: 102 died in traffic accidents, a natural cause of death was identified for 18 wolves, and 13 wolves were killed illegally. For eight wolves the cause of death was unclear, two wolves were shot for management reasons and for nine animals the post-mortem examination is not yet complete.

In the monitoring year 2021/2022 the German states verified 1,175 wolf individuals in the documented wolf territories: 423 adult wolves, 550 pups and 98 subadults. For 57 individuals it was not clear whether they were adults or subadults, and for seven individuals whether they were subadults or pubs, respectively. For another 40 individuals, the age class could not be determined. The published data does not comprise rough estimates; instead, the records obtained by the German states were evaluated and analysed using uniform monitoring standards.

More information regarding wolf monitoring and management in Germany, confirmed territories and development of the wolf population in the German states and at national level is published on the DBBW website

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