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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Mountain hay meadows

Species-rich extensively managed mesophilic meadows of the montane (normally above 600 m) to subalpine zones with vegetation of the Polygono-Trisetion (meadows of well-drained, relatively fertile mineral soils in montane regions) in all its regional facies and variants.

Natura 2000-Code

Notes on habitat mapping

The main criterion for the delimitation of this habitat type is the character of the vegetation which must allow for a clear assignment to the communities of the Polygono-Trisetion or the Poion alpinae respectively. Mountain hay meadows are taken to be species-rich if they are typical of the relevant plant community and contain a high number of characteristic species. The presence of species alien to the syntaxonomic unit e.g. in fallows should not be considered as adding to species-richness. If the sites contain typical species suites meadows with aftergrass or early fallow stages may be considered for inclusion.


Montane extensively managed pastures of the Alchemillo-Cynosuretum should be annexed as well as the more species-rich occurrences of rich alpine pastures of the Poion alpinae.

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