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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Salicornia and other annuals colonizing mud and sand (glasswort mudflats and sandflats)

Glasswort mudflats or sandflats are characterized by patchy annual pioneer vegetation of saltmarshes in the coastal eulittoral on sandy or silty soils. They include the mudflats and low-lying sandflats between approximately -40 and 0 cm below MHWT with their vegetation of the order Thero-Salicornietalia.

Natura 2000-Code

Notes on habitat mapping

The delimitation and assignment is based on the presence of the relevant vegetation. If a larger area of sand or mud hosts at least in part vegetation belonging under the syntaxa given, the entire area is to be included. Only occurrences within reach of high tides are to be recorded. Thus the 'wind wadden' (sediments exposed by action of wind) of the Baltic hosting Salicornia are included. Occurrences at older breaches of dikes may also be included. Discontinuous stands of this vegetation in the polders are not to be included.

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