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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

SilikatschutthaldenSiliceous scree of the montane to snow levels (Androsacetalia alpinae and Galeopsietalia ladani) der montanen bis nivalen Stufe (Androsacetalia alpinae und Galeopsietalia ladani)

Siliceous scree of the upper montane to nival zone with Androsacetalia alpinae communities. In the nival to upper montane zone with Oxyria digyna and Androsace spp.; with Luzula alpinopilosa where the soil contains a higher proportion of fine particles. Often with very low vegetation cover; sometimes mosses or ferns dominate (on largely stable material).

Natura 2000-Code

Notes on habitat mapping

Where vegetation of the syntaxa given above (Androsacetalia alpinae) is present at least in sections of the scree, the entire scree complex is to be recorded. The entire area of scree that is free of woodland and scrub should be included if considerable sections host the relevant vegetation. Siliceous scree which does not host vegetation composed of higher plants is not to be recorded.


Occurs in Germany in the Alps only in small patches and is very much confined regionally.

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