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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

BfN Schriften 264 - Working with Nature to Tackle Climate Change. Report of the ENCA / BfN Workshop on “Developing ecosystem-based approaches to climate change – why, what and how”

This report is based on the outcomes of a workshop which aimed to identify examples of how working with nature can help society to address climate change.
Carolin Cowan, Cordula Epple, Horst Korn, Rainer Schliep, Jutta Stadler
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Year of publication


The purpose of this workshop was to share experience on how working with nature can help society as a whole to tackle the causes and effects of climate change, provide examples of where this is already happening in practice and lessons that can be learnt, and to contribute to the rapidly growing debate on the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in framing and implementing climate policy. In particular we wanted to focus on activities in Europe as we feel that there is still too little recognition that working with nature is not just a concept relevant for addressing biodiversity loss and climate change in developing countries. 

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