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The BfN-Skripten series was introduced in 1998 and is printed in small numbers only. It is not available in bookshops.

The BfN-Skripten publications target small interest groups and workshop participants.

Selected publications from the series for download (in German or English).

The Federal Nature Conservation Agency (BfN) publishes the results of scientific and applied nature conservation research, knowledge of new conceptual approaches and instruments, and conference reports.

Since 2005, BfN has published its research findings in the form of a series entitled Naturschutz und Biologische Vielfalt (Nature Conservation and Biodiversity). This is a more fitting title than its predecessors for the growing number of areas covered by BfN’s work.

The publications appear on an ad hoc basis. See the publications list for details of the subjects covered in each issue, bibliographies, prices and availability.

BfN Magazine: Natur und Landschaft

BfN’s monthly magazine, Natur und Landschaft (NuL), contains original articles with as yet unpublished content covering the entire spectrum of nature conservation and landscape management.

BfN Project Reports

In certain circumstances, BfN makes its other works and project reports available for download.

Results, background documents and presentations for selected workshops and seminars held at the International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm.

Agro-Genetic Engineering

  • Report (in German): "Modellrechnungnen zur Ausbreitung von Maispollen unter Worst-Case-Annahmen mit Vergleich von Freilandmessdaten", Hofmann et al. 2008 (1 MB)
  • Report (in German): "Abschätzung der Maispollendeposition in Relation zur Entfernung der Pollenquelle", Hofmann 2007. (Kurzgutachten) (1 MB)
  • Final Report from an R&D Project: Exploratory Study on GMO-Free Zones in Germany, (PDF file, in German)
  • Presentations given at an expert meeting on Genetic Engineering held on 19.09.2008 in Karlsruhe (Presentations in German)
  • Presentations given at an expert meeting on Genetic Engineering and Ecologically Sensitive Areas held on 1 December 2004 at the Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin and organised by the Federal Nature Conservation Agency (BfN) (Presentations in German)

International Nature Conservation

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