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Regulatory Committee Procedure

The Regulatory Committee Procedure is the standard decisionmaking procedure for GMO approval at EU level. The Commission submits a proposal for a decision to the Regulatory Committee (comprising Member State representatives and headed by a member of the Commission). The Committee then attempts to reach a qualified majority decision on the Commission proposal. A qualified majority is reached with at least 232 votes in favour. If requested, a check is made as to whether the Member States making up the qualified majority represent at least 62 percent of the total EU population. If this is not the case, the Commission submits a proposal for a decision to the Council of Ministers. The Council then has three months to make a decision, again with a qualified majority. If the Council of Ministers accepts the proposal, it is implemented. If the Council rejects the proposal, the Commission has the chance to submit another. If the Council fails to achieve a qualified majority, either in its rejection or approval of the proposal, the Commission may enact the proposed legislation.

Last Change: 06/07/2006