German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)



EUROPARC Federation
founded in 1973


The EUROPARC Federation has around 430 member organisations in 35 European countries and one in the USA, representing more than 400 protected areas. The member organisations include individual protected area administrations, government ministries and agencies, independent conservation organisations and academic institutions concerned with conservation.


EUROPARC provides members with a forum for exchange on managing protected areas, for project-based cooperation and for advancing shared objectives:

  • Promoting good practice in the management of protected areas
  • Facilitating the establishment of new protected areas
  • Raising the profile of protected areas as a means of safeguarding Europe’s natural heritage
  • Influencing future policies, especially with the European Union, to the benefit of protected areas


The Federation’s decision-making body is the annual General Assembly. The EUROPARC Federation is a European umbrella organisation. There are also national sections, for example in Germany, France, Italy, the Nordic and Baltic states, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Ireland, and Iceland.


EUROPARC Federation
Kröllstrasse 5
D-94481 Grafenau
Tel.: +49-8552-96100
Fax: +49-8552-961019


BfN activities:

BfN works with the EUROPARC Federation in a number of thematic areas, including the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. As part of its funding programme for conservation organisations, BfN is currently supporting ChartaNet, a project for furthering the development of the European Charter network.

Last Change: 20/01/2011