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PMC 2018 Conference

Video with some impressions of the 2015-Conference.

5th International Conference

Progress in Marine Conservation 2018

3rd to the 7th of September 2018

OZEANEUM Stralsund, Germany


First Announcement. Save the date.

Please save the date for the next tri-annual conference "Progress in marine conservation" in Stralsund (Germany).

For 2018 we intend to change the focus of the conference for once from our originally looking into "progress in marine conservation in Europe" to such progress on a global dimension.

The reason behind the slight change of concept is the 25-th "anniversary" of the "Rio-Conference", the "EU Habitats Directive ", the new "Helsinki-Convention", the "Oslo-Paris-Convention" and lastly (and certainly least) also the establishment of the “Division on Marine Nature Conservation" of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm, Germany.

We intend to look back over these past 25 years and reflect on milestones, achievements and progress in marine nature conservation globally as well as in regional seas. And we surely intend to explore the chances and perspectives for the further progress in the next years – which are the most important and pressing issues, where do we need more international action and cooperation, which are successful measures we have to proceed with and which problems need to be solved most urgently on global and/or regional scale.

Thus the conference title is "Progress in marine conservation: 25 years after Rio - reflections on past development and looking ahead".

We would be pleased to welcome you at the Conference at the OZEANEUM in Stralsund in the first week of September next year.


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