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Assessment matrices

Recommendations by the Länder and National Working Groups

Similar work on identifying and assessing Habitats Directive habitat types and species at the level of the German Länder is essential to compilation of a German national report on their conservation status.

The Länder and national working groups discuss approaches to monitoring, make recommendations as regards data collection schedules and consult on the scope and intensity of long-term monitoring activities. The monitoring approaches must allow sound conclusions as to the current situation and development stages and be practicable within the monitoring requirements set out in the Habitats Directive. The basic approach used in the recommendations is provided in the Mindestanforderungen für die Erfassung und Bewertung von Lebensräumen und Arten sowie die Überwachung (Minimum requirements for identification and assessment of habitats and species and associated monitoring activities, PDF). A key focus of this work is the development of an assessment system to allow assessment of the conservation status of the respective species and habitat types.

Recommendations on Assessment of Species Listed in the Annexes to the Habitats Directive

Using input provided by experts at Länder and national government level, recommendations were drawn up for identification and assessment of the conservation status of species of Community interest in Germany (Annexes II, IV and V of the Habitats Directive).

The assessment matrices were published at the end of 2006 as Berichte des Landesamtes für Umweltschutz Sachsen-Anhalt, Sonderheft 2 (a special supplement to reports of the Saxony-Anhalt environment protection agency; and are available for downloading (Landesamt für Umweltschutz Sachsen-Anhalt).

Level of Endangerment and Conservation and Development Measures

Within the working groups it was suggested that standardised reference lists be used both to identify causes of endangerment and to agree conservation and development measures. The lists are hierarchical in structure to allow assessment at different levels and inclusion of Länder-specific features. The reference lists were drawn up in close cooperation with the competent authorities in the respective Länder.

Reference List of Endangerment Causes (PDF, in German)

Reference List of Conservation and Development Measures, (PDF, in German)

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