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Nature Awareness

2015 Nature Awareness Study

The picture shows the cover of the 2015 Nature Awareness Study. It shows a stork walking through a mowed field; bales of straw are lying in the background.

In April 2016 the 2015 Nature Awareness Study was released by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. It is the fourth in a series of studies that has been organised every 2 years since 2009. The Study documents in hard figures the importance attached by citizens in Germany to being able to experience nature within their immediate urban environment. Furthermore, the Study examines for the first time how the population in Germany perceives domestic agriculture and agrarian landscapes.

The underlying population for this study is the German-speaking resident population aged 18 and over. A total of 2,054 people were interviewed in computer-assisted face-to-face interviews in May and June 2015.

2015 Nature Awareness Study

2013 Nature Awareness Study

Cover of the 2013 Nature Awareness Study

The 2013 Nature Awareness Study is the first of its kind to look more closely into the subject of wilderness. As in the studies of 2009 and 2011, the 2013 Nature Awareness Study deals with the question of how people in Germany interpret 'nature' and how important they rate its protection. Several topics that were set for long-term monitoring are again subject of research in the 2013 study, including knowledge, attitudes and behavioral intentions regarding biological diversity. Other important survey topics are: landscapes, measures of flood control, ecologically friendly consumption and genetically modified organisms in agriculture.

This third nationwide survey on nature awareness in Germany was carried out from October to November 2013. To this end, a representative sample of 2,007 individuals aged 18 and older was selected from people of all regions in Germany.

2013 Nature Awareness Study

2011 Nature Awareness Study

Cover 2011 Nature Awareness Study

The German population survey 2011 Nature Awareness Study was designed as an instrument to observe changes in the relationship of the population towards nature. It was carried out on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. The 2011 Nature Awareness Study is the first one translated into english, and the second study in a planned two-year-cycle of studies: the first nationally representative survey on nature awareness was carried out in 2009.

The central results and conclusions of the study are presented under the following headlines: Social Transformation, changing landscapes – endangerment and conservation of nature, Good life in harmony with nature, preserving biological diversity.

The study is based on a representative sample of 2,031 German-speaking resident citizens from the age of 18 years up, taking into consideration all socio-demographic segments and integrating people of all regions in Germany. 

2011 Nature Awareness Study