German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Return of the birds

Photo: Ralf Grunewald
Brandgänse Photo: Ralf Grunewald

Vilm, 22.05.2017 The first Barn Swallow already arrived on Isle of Vilm on 30th of March – one of the first sightings in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern according to www. – a clear sign that winter has gone; however, the following weeks were dominated by cold temperatures, strong winds and heavy rainfalls. Spring just did not want to start. Now, in mid-May, almost all summer birds have returned and many have already started breeding: Sand Martin, Common Shelduck and Goosanders are patrolling along the cliffs in search of good nesting sites and the morning chorus from all the birds is almost complete. Only very few, like Red-breasted Fly Catcher or Trush Nightingale, are still missing. Even Common Swifts have arrived on the 10th of May.
On the other hand species that stay in the area for winter have almost all but left: Long tailed duck have mostly left the area and, just like Goldeneyes, Scaups or Tufted Ducks, are on their way to their northern breeding areas.