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Protecting Peatlands Internationally

Protecting Peatlands Internationally – Identifying and jointly Realizing Synergies

Photo: Olesya Petrovych

Putbus/Isle of Vilm, 6 June 2019: But how are synergies realized and in which sectors is such cooperation especially effective? To debate those questions the BfN and its coorganisers invited representatives from international conventions (Wetlands International - Ramsar, climate, biodiversity, migratory species) and organizations, contracting states, Science- and Non-governmental organizations to the island of Vilm. There was a focus on the three sectors Information, Policies and Implementation.

The results clearly showed that there are diverse connecting factors to improve cooperation in the future and therefore to create synergies. Amongst that, the representatives of international conventions voiced their support to strengthen the cooperation amongst each other to provide coherent information and policy recommendations for the contracting states. This also applies to a global peatland inventory which has yet to be compiled. This was demanded in the context of the UNEA (United Nations Environment Assembly) declaration, which was passed in March of this year.

However the exchange concerning national peatland protection strategies was also viewed as effective. Germany as well as other countries had set a goal to adopt a peatland protection strategy and realize early measures by the end of the current legislative period. Furthermore the coordinated monitoring of peatlands or a closer cooperation of the sectors Research and Communication provides new potential for synergies.

One of the more definite results of the workshop exists in a "roadmap" which contains mutual activities in the future, lists partners and is guided closely by relevant international developments and processes. A key partner that combines all sectors of conservation and renaturation but also caters to national and international levels, is the Global Peatland Initiative (GPI) coordinated by the UNEP (United Nation Environment). Alongside the secretariat of the Ramsar convention, the Greifwald Peatland Centrum and Wetlands International, the GPI was one of the coorganisers of the BfN on this workshop.

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