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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

International workshop on strengthening synergies for biodiversity and climate

International cooperation
Climate Change
International Academy for Nature Conservation
How can we jointly overcome the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change? From 1 to 5 August, a hybrid workshop organised by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation brought together around 50 international experts to discuss challenges and opportunities for integrated approaches.
Group picture of the on-site participants
Group picture of the on-site participants – the hybrid workshop used both virtual and physical cooperation formats

The workshop participants represented governmental and intergovernmental organisations, research institutions, think-tanks and NGOs from 15 countries. The discussions took stock of the most recent political and scientific developments at the biodiversity-climate interface. Building on this, participants reviewed existing implementation frameworks, tools and approaches that address synergies for biodiversity and climate, assessing challenges and opportunities for their upscaling. 

The workshop focussed on several topics in particular. For example, one session dealt with diverse barriers and trade-offs in approaches that simultaneously address biodiversity loss and climate change, especially at the landscape level. Separate sessions were dedicated to the social dimension of the twin crises and to unlocking funding to scale up synergetic solutions. Case studies from different sectors and geographical regions provided valuable insights into site level implementation.

The comprehensive inputs and fruitful discussions supported the development of concrete recommendations at the science-policy-practice interface. The collected ideas will feed into a BfN discussion paper to be produced in the upcoming months, which aims to support the transition from siloed thinking to integrated biodiversity and climate action at all levels.

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