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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

* Atlantic decalcified fixed dunes (Calluno-Ulicetea)

Coastal heathlands on fixed dunes with dominant Calluna vulgaris.

Natura 2000-Code

Notes on habitat mapping

The criterion for the delimitation of this habitat type is the dominance of Calluna vulgaris on coastal dunes. This habitat type often grades into or forms a mosaic with Empetrum nigrum heathlands (2140, on northern slopes) and is then to be delimited as a habitat complex. If there is a considerable proportion of Empetrum nigrum heathland within the complex, the entire complex should be assigned to the coastal Empetrum nigrum heathlands (2140). If the proportion of Empetrum nigrum heathland within the complex is low, the entire complex is considered under Atlantic decalcified fixed dunes (Calluno-Ulicetea). Smaller areas without dominant Calluna vulgaris may be included. Equally, smaller areas between dunes are included, provided they host the relevant vegetation. Wet heaths in dune slacks are to be considered separately under 2190.

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