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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

* Decalcified fixed dunes with Empetrum nigrum

Decalcified heathland on fixed dunes with dominant crowberry on North Sea and Baltic coasts. Natural or primarily non-wooded coastal heath in wind-exposed sites. Unlike Calluna vulgaris, Empetrum nigrum can tolerate a limited amount of sand accumulation as it responds with the formation of new leaf rosettes above the old ones. Coastal Empetrum nigrum heathland on Geest soils (e.g. at Cuxhaven) as last, endangered remnants of this habitat type are included.

Natura 2000-Code

Notes on habitat mapping

There should be delimitated coastal dunes that host dominant stands of Empetrum nigrum. Coastal Empetrum nigrum heathlands on Geest soil are included. This habitat type often grades into or forms a mosaic (mostly on northern slopes) with Calluna heaths (2150, sunny exposure). Such stands should be recorded separately as a complex of the two habitat types of which it is composed, and should be assigned to the coastal Empetrum nigrum heathlands (2140).

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