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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Medio-European upland siliceous screes

Natural and near-natural siliceous scree of the colline to montane zones, partly on dry and warm sites, with Galeopsietalia segetum communities; secondary rock faces created by active quarrying are excluded. Siliceous scree can be rich in ferns and mosses.

Natura 2000-Code

Notes on habitat mapping

The precondition for assignment of scree to this habitat type is the presence of vegetation of the syntaxa given above.

The entire area of scree that is free of woodland and scrub should be included if considerable sections host the relevant vegetation. Scree which does not host vegetation composed of higher plants is not to be recorded.

Examples occurring in open former quarries and which are subject to near-natural development are included. Examples occurring on deposits (e.g. dumps and spoil heaps in active quarries) are not included.

The entire area of scree that is free of woodland should be considered under this type, even if the relevant vegetation currently only occurs in sections.

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