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European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change - Science, Practice & Policy, 12./13. 04.2011 in Bonn


The 2-day conference was organized by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) with the support of the University of Greifswald and in co-operation with the European Network of Heads of Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA). It  set out to meet a growing demand for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of biodiversity and climate change in Europe. Taking a transdisciplinary perspective, the aim of the conference was to bring scientists, conservation practitioners and policymakers together in order to improve both the integration of research outputs into practical conservation projects, and the identification of further research needs.


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The conference organisers are currently preparing a report of the conference. After completion, it will be available here for download.

Presentations (PDF)


Welcome address and introduction (Prof. Dr. Beate Jessel, BfN)

Helping Europe’s wildlife and ecosystems adapt to a changing climate: some important research questions and the work of the ENCA network (Dr. Nicholas Macgregor, Natural England / ENCA)

Keynote presentation

Biodiversity and climate change: an overview of EU policies and some challenges and opportunities (Karin Zaunberger, European Commission)

SESSION I: Impacts of climate change on biodiversity

Assessing the fate of montane biodiversity in Europe under climate change: a novel approach using species distribution modelling and population genetics (Dr. Carsten Nowak, Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre)

Long term research of the Dogger Bank Epibenthos (North Sea): loss of biodiversity and changes in climate (Moritz Sonnewald, Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre)

Biodiversity in the (sub)arctic under different climate change scenarios (Dr. Anouschka Hof, Umeå University)

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility: Biodiversity data, data standards, access and tools to forecast climate change impacts on biodiversity (Dr. Nick King, Global Biodiversity Information Facility)

SESSION II: Adapting nature conservation policies, strategies and measures to climate change

Ecological networks - an adaptation strategy for climate change? (Prof. Michael Reich, University of Hannover)

Climate change and the Natura 2000 network: assessments of species and habitat vulnerability (Mike Harley, AEA)

Adaptive management of climate-induced changes of habitat diversity in protected areas (Sven Rannow, Leibniz Institute of Ecological and Regional Development)

Forest conservation under a changing climate: adjusting concepts and policies in Germany (Mirjam Milad, University of Freiburg, Institute for Landscape Management & Sabine Storch, University of Freiburg, Institute for Forest and Environmental Policy)

Climate change impacts on insects and their mitigation (CLIMIT project) (Prof. Josef Settele, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research)

Nature-based adaptation or adaptation-based nature? (Dr. Jan Plesnik, Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic)

Rethinking what is a ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ species as ranges shift as a result of climate change (PD Dr. Gian-Reto Walther, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment)

Special session on forecasting climate change impacts

Forecasting bird population changes in response to global warming using high resolution models: lessons learned from Germany (Dr. Thomas Gottschalk, Justus Liebig University Giessen / DDA)

An introduction to using the GBIF informatics infrastructure (Samy Gaiji, Global Biodiversity Information Facility)

SESSION III: Integrated and ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation

Possibilities and limitations for biodiversity conservation in a climate change adaptation framework under the UNFCCC (Eric Fee, German Federal Environment Agency)

ICI - The German International Climate Initiative, an innovative financing mechanism for protecting biodiversity and climate (Kerstin Lehmann, BfN & Dr. Rudolf Specht, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety)

Greening REDD+: challenges and opportunities for forest biodiversity conservation (Sabine Reinecke & Steffen Entenmann, University of Freiburg)

Carbon, biodiversity and ecosystem services: using maps to explore co-benefits from climate change mitigation (Dr. Monika Bertzky, UNEP-WCMC)

The West European Climate Corridor: an adaptation strategy for climate adaptation in the Rhine basin (Bram Vreugdenhil, Department of Environment and Land-use, Province of Gelderland, the Netherlands)

Achieving climate mitigation and adaptation without compromising nature: experiences from the CIPRA projects cc.alps and ecological networks (Aurelia Ullrich, CIPRA International)

SESSION IV: Socio-economic aspects and integration with other sectors

Valuation of ecosystem services in Mediterranean forests (Dr. Elena Ojea, Basque Centre for Climate Change) 

Vulnerability of Austrian mire habitats under climate change: implications for nature conservation and climate change mitigation (Dr. Franz Essl, Environment Agency Austria)

Paludiculture for biodiversity and climate: economics of rewetted peatlands (Achim Schäfer, University of Greifswald)

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Proceedings of the Conference:

Titelblatt BfN-Skripten 310

BfN-Skripten 310:
Proceedings of the European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change - Science, Practice & Policy, 2011 in Bonn

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Further information on the conference (available in German only)

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Research projects related to climate change and biodiversity

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