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Results from the Working Group on Grassland

The working group on grassland habitat types, chaired by Dr. Verbücheln (North-Rhine/Westphalia), has in the meantime concluded its work. The outcomes are published in the 'Natur und Landschaft' journal (Natur und Landschaft 2003, issue 8). Building upon the general assessment scheme (see LANA Resolutions, pdf file, in Geman) an assessment proposal, pdf file, in German has been developed for each grassland habitat type. For three parameters - habitat structures, species inventory and impairment - the sub-parameters of relevance to assessment have been identified.

In order to make assessment comprehensible and reproducible, all parameters should be underpinned by threshold values to the extent that this is scientifically expedient. The threshold values stated here are to be understood only as reference values, and should be further elaborated upon or reviewed by the regional states (threshold values yet to be formulated are backed in grey in the tables). The same applies to further indications concerning regional-state-specific supplementary information (such as the characteristic species of a habitat type). Where there are major local/regional differences in the facies of a habitat type, appropriate threshold values should also be elaborated within a regional state for individual physiographic units. For instance, in North-Rhine/Westphalia such assessment schemes have already been developed for all habitat types occurring in that state, with notes on how to undertake classifications (LANUV). This has provided valuable input to the work of the working group.

Last Change: 02/03/2021