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Goals and objectives

The Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme aims at developing the personal capacity of early-career conservation professionals with leadership potential, to contribute to overcome global biodiversity loss and to strengthen the regional capacities to implement multilateral environmental agreements. Participants are trained on international best conservation practices and policies, management skills and personal network development. This enables them to work effectively in leading positions in the biodiversity conservation sector of their home countries and to be actively involved in international conservation processes and networks.

During the programme the participants continue to work at their home institutions. Each fellow will develop a transfer project in which the acquired knowledge is used to identify innovative solutions to a specific challenge within their institution. Through sharing comprehensive nature conservation experience and knowledge, the fellowship programme seeks to deepen the relationship among the participants and their home countries, as well as with Germany and the European Union.

The Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme is

  • the only extra-occupational training programme for established conservation professionals from both governmental and non-governmental organizations,
  • putting a broad focus on biodiversity policy,
  • promoting professional excellence,
  • focusing on technical skills, management skills and leadership skills,
  • considering the ecological, historical and political linkages among the transition countries of the Eurasian region,
  • fostering a professional network in support of regional cooperation in biodiversity conservation,
  • combining highly interactive seminars held in English language, field trips and assignments, e-learning as well as a transfer project.

Photo: Asja Bernd
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