German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


Premises and board

Modern meeting facilities

The INA conference centre can accommodate up to 70 people with plenty of room for work in smaller groups. Three seminar rooms of different sizes for individual conference concepts as well as an office are available for you.

  • Room Rügen for up to 70 people, with the option to divide it into two rooms for group work
  • Room Putbus for up to 12 people
  • Room Hiddensee for up to 22 people


All conference rooms are well equipped technically:

  • Projector, computer or laptop with internet access, WiFi
  • Flipcharts, presentation boards (119 x 146 cm; 121 x 148 cm with frame) incl. pins and presentation supplies (moderation cards in different colours, shapes and sizes, marker in different colours, tape, small sticker dots in different colours etc.)
  • Upon request: video and telephone conference system
  • Additionally, in Room Rügen: interpreter system

Room Rügen with U-shaped standard seating | Photo: BfN
Room Rügen with rows of chairs without tables | Photo: BfN

Room Putbus | Photo: BfN

Conference room Hiddensee (1) | Photo: BfN
Conference room Hiddensee (2) | Photo: BfN

Conference Office (1) | Photo: BfN
Conference office (2) | Photo: BfN

Comfortable rooms

We provide accommodation for up to 40 persons in our guesthouses with single occupancy (i.e. 1 person per room), and for up to 65 persons based on double occupancy of double rooms.

  • 15 single and 25 double rooms are spread across nine guest houses
  • All rooms are equipped with a telephone and WiFi
  • A maximum of two rooms share one bathroom
  • If required, additional hotel rooms can be booked in Lauterbach (10 minutes away by boat).

Room view (1) | Photo: G. Stolpe
Room view (2) | Photo: G. Stolpe

Excellent cuisine

On Vilm you get the chance to sample our seasonal specialties such as herring in spring and autumn, garfish in early summer, wild garlic soup, sea buckthorn juice and Rügen cabbage dishes. We mostly offer organic and regional food. In general, we offer vegetarian lunch only. However, organisers may request lunch including fish and meat prior to the event. Of course, we are also happy to serve vegan food for individual participants or the entire event.

The catering provided includes:

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Lunch
  • Dinner buffet
  • Coffee/tea with cake, cookies in the morning and afternoon
  • Packed lunch upon request

Fruit salad at the breakfast buffet | Photo: R. Grunewald
Dinner buffet | Photo: R. Grunewald
Dinner buffet | Photo: R. Grunewald


International Academy for Nature Conservation
Isle of Vilm
Branch office of BfN
D-18581 Putbus
Phone: +49(0)38301-86-0
Fax: +49(0)38301-86-117


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