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Transfer Projects

As part of the Klaus Toepfer Fellowship, participants develop a project with relevance to the work of their home institution. Throughout the programme, fellows will continue working on these so-called transfer projects, applying the training received during the training modules. Highly experienced conservation professionals from the programme region and beyond provide guidance and technical input as mentors. The following list provides information on transfer project topics, as well as on the mentors. We sincerely thank the mentors for their commitment and voluntary support to our promising future nature conservation leaders.

Transfer projects of fellows 2020-2022

Development of recommendations on mechanisms for legal trade of saiga horns in Kazakhstan
Fariza Adilbekova, Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK) (Kazakhstan)

Mentors: Dr. Sergey Sklyarenko (ACBK); Joanna Cary-Elwes (FFI, Cambridge)

Setting conservation objectives for regional PAs in St Petersburg as a tool for achieving excellence in their management
Nadia Alexeeva, Directorate of Protected Areas of Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation)

Mentors: Nino Natsvaladze (Department in the Directorate of PAs of St Petersburg); Stella Vareltzidou (Freelance consultant /CCNet, Thessaloniki; formerly Axios River Mgmt Authority)

Climate resilient management of protected areas in Turkmenistan
Maya Ashirova, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (Turkmenistan)

Mentors: Aknabat Potayeva (Kopetdag Strict Nature Reserve); Tobias Garstecki (Freelance consultant); Rejepgeldy Amanov (Division of the Environment Protection and Hydrometeorology of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection) 

Use of Conservation Standards in Strategic Impact Assessment
Boris Bozic, Oikon Ltd. - Institute of Applied Ecology (Croatia)

Mentors: Huria Ogbamichael (Freelance change management consultant; Berlin); Dr. Gesa Geissler (TU Berlin)

The roadmap for the Code of Biodiversity of Armenia
Nona Budoyan, Ministry of Environment of Republic of Armenia (Armenia)

Mentors: Dr. Astghik Danielyan (GIZ Armenia);Dr. Lydia Slobodian (Serova, Washington, D. C.); Arsen Gasparyan (WWF Armenia)

Finance for climate informed sustainable land use
Maya Eralieva, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (Kyrgyz Republic)

Mentors: Ruslan Mamyrov (Freelance economist and natl. expert in TP topic); Dr. Timm Tennigkeit (Unique forestry and land use GmbH, Freiburg)

Citizen science in protected areas and Natura 2000 sites
Taida Garibovic, NATURA-JADERA public institution for management of protected areas in the County of Zadar (Croatia)

Mentors: Dr. Ivana Zubak Čižmek (University of Zadar); Anne Schierenberg (Nationale Naturlandschaften e. V., Berlin)

Preventing geothermal fluids related contamination of the Büyük Menderes River
Asli Gemci, European Climate Foundation (Turkey)

Mentors: Sejal Worah (WWF India)

Sustainable tourism development in Golestan National Park
Siavash Ghoddousi, Institute of Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability (Iran)

Mentors: Delaram Ashayeri (Department of Environment, IRoI);  Julia Gossenberger (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation Germany); Dr. Mahmood Soofi (Department of Cultural Heritage, IRoI)

Developing efficient surveillance in newly established protected area Debeli rtič Landscape park, Slovenia
Neza Gregoric, Municipality of Ankaran (Slovenia)

Mentors: Barbara Švagelj (Landscape Park Debeli Rtič); Mosor Prvan (WWF Adria)

Nature conservation through understanding sustainable tourism development
Lia Kalmakhelidze, Georgian Ecotourism Assosiation/WWF Caucasusu Programme Office (Georgia)

Mentors: Levan Tabunidze (NGO NACRES; formerly Director of Borjomi-Kharagauli NP); Steffen Schülein (Freelance consultant); Natalia Bakhtadze (Freelance consultant)

Landscape integrity as a tool for management of Turkey's national parks
Zerrin Karaaslan, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks (Turkey)

Mentors: Dr. Şerife Sertkaya (MoE, Planning Division for Protected Area); Gernant Magnin (Freelance/CCNet, Hilversum); Dr. Nilgül Karadeniz (Ankara University)

Nature conservation and hunting - bridging the gap in public perception
Luna Milatovic, International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation - CIC Hungary (Hungary)

Mentors: David Mansell Moullin (Coordinator, Sustainable Wildlife Management; SWM); Dustin Gilbreath (Caucasus Research Resource Centre )

Mainstreaming biodiversity into infrastructure projects
Rustam Murzakhanov, Michael Succow Foundation

Mentors: Bert Lenten (Freelance consultant; ex-AEWA, ex-CMS); Kirk Olson (WCS Mongolia); Mariya Gritsina (MSF/Research Institute of Zoology in Uzbekistan)

Mobilization of local communities in North Ustyurt Plateau (Kazakhstan) for the conservation of biological diversity
Aibat Muzbay, Karaganda regional Ecological Museum (Kazakhstan)

Mentors: Adylbek Kozybakov (NGO; Western  Kazakhstan; Tabigi Orta); Stefan Michel (Freelance consultant)

Management assesment of Biom’s conservation projects
Ivana Saric Kapelj, Association Biom (Croatia)

Mentors: Marija Jurčević (BirdLife Europe); Marianne Carter (FFI, Cambridge)

Development of Protected Areas (PAs) system in Uzbekistan
Gulshad Shaghiakhmetova, State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Ecology and Environmental Protection (Uzbekistan)

Mentors: Khalilulla Sherimbetov (Head of Protected Areas Department, State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Ecology and Environmental Protection)

Conflict transformation in the protected areas of the Ukrainian Carpathian on the example of large carnivores
Bogdan Vykhor, World Wide Fund for Nature Ukraine (Ukraine)

Mentors: Dr. Vasili Kostiushyn (Department of Animal Protection and Monitoring, National Insitute of Zoology); Kai Elmauer (Elmauer Institute)

Development of Memorandum of Understanding on conservation of Central Asian Urial population
Alisher Yunusov, The State Committe for Ecology and Environmental Protection of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)

Mentors: Stefan Michel (Freelance consultant); Christiane Röttger (adelphi)

Detailed analysis and road map of Turkmenistan for the newly joined MEA
Mergen Yusupov, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan)

Mentors: Jumamyrat Saparmyradov (Environmental Protection Department,MoE); Bert Lenten (Freelance consultant; formerly AEWA, formerly CMS)

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