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Conference reports 2012

International Symposium, 23rd to 26th January 2012, Stralsund

Offshore wind energy plays a central role in building a carbon neutral energy system and in meeting the climate targets set internationally. In the coming years, a considerable number of offshore wind turbines will be installed in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. However, the construction and operation of wind farms will affect the marine environment, as already seen with existing installations.

To set the agenda towards an environmentally sound offshore wind energy deployment, the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation held a symposium on the subject in Stralsund, Germany, on January 23rd – 26th 2012.

Twenty presentations were given by national and international experts on up-to-date research results, regulations and requirements with regards to nature conservation and offshore wind farms, with particular focus on marine mammals, sea birds, migratory birds, and fish. The aim was to identify and describe research priorities and needs of action for the further expansion of offshore wind energy.

Final report

The symposium consisted of six thematic sessions. The aim of the first three sessions was the determination of the impact of offshore wind energy deployment on marine animals, with special focus on fish (session I), marine mammals (session II) and birds (session III). These sessions also outlined the sensitivities of these taxa. Session IV dealt with the concerns and demands of nature conservation agencies and environmental organisations to the deployment of offshore wind energy. Session V introduced the present regulatory framework in different countries with regards to nature conservation issues. Finally, session VI included the presentation of various methods leading towards an environmentally sound offshore wind energy deployment. As an example, an approach for a common data base was shown.


Keynote speech

Framework requirements for an environmantally sound offshore wind energy deployment - the perspective of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation by Prof. Dr. BEATE JESSEL, PRESIDENT OF THE BFN

SESSION I, Monitoring experiences in Germany and UK The effects of offshore wind farms on fish

Coordination of ecological research accompanying the alpha ventus project by KRISTIN BLASCHE, BSH, D

Experiences from the United Kingdom by LUCY GREENHILL, JNCC, UK

How relevant is the effect of wind farm noise on fish? by  Dr. MATHIAS H. ANDERSSON, FOI, S

SESSION II, The effects of offshore wind farms on marine mammals

Offshore wind energy and marine mammals - Identified issues and perspectives by Dr. JAKOB TOUGAARD, INSTITUTE OF BIOSCIENCE, DK

How critical is the impact of underwater noise on marine mammals? by Dr. PATRICK MILLER, UNIV OF ST ANDREWS, UK

Determination of noise exposure criteria – the German approach by STEFANIE WERNER, UBA, D

SESSION III, The effects of offshore wind farms on birds

Effects on flying birds in Offshore Wind farm Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) by SJOERD DIRKSEN, BUREAU WAARDENBURG, NL

Evaluating the vulnerability of bird species by Dr. MARDIK LEOPOLD, IMARES, NL

How critical is habitat loss? by IB KRAG PETERSEN, NERI, DK

SESSION IV, Species and area protection demands

Implementation an demands of species and area protection with regards to offshore wind frams - NGO perspectives by Dr. TORLEIF MALM, UNIV OF STOCKHOLM, S and Dr. KIM C. DETLOFF, NABU, D

Species protection and offshore wind energy – the German approach by THOMAS MERCK, BFN, D

The implementation and demands of species and area protection in The Netherlands with regards to offshore wind farms by Dr. FOLCHERT VAN DIJKEN, MINEL&I, NL

SESSION V, The regulatory framework for nature conservation in the licensing procedure

The regulatory framework with regard to nature conservation in the licensing procedure (Germany) by SIMONE VAN LEUSEN, BSH, D

The licensing procedure in the UK by EMMA COLE, DECC, UK

The licensing procedure in The Netherlands by SANDER DE JONG, RIJKSWATERSTAAT NOORDZEE, NL

SESSION VI, Implementation of species & area protection demands: Protection and mitigation measures

Noise mitigation measures & low noise foundation concepts – state of the art by TOBIAS VERFUß, PTJ, D

Migrating birds and offshore wind turbines: How to reduce collisions and avoidance behaviour? by REINHOLD HILL, AVITEC RESEARCH GBR, D

GP Wind Project: Good Practice Guide & Toolkit by BRUNO CLAESSENS, APERE ASBL, B