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Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2012

Poster zur 3rd International Conference on Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2012

3rd International Conference on Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2012

Internationale Fachtagung

18.-22. June 2012

Ozeaneum Stralsund, Germany

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The 3rd international conference on “Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2012” offers a regular international forum for discussions on currently important or emerging marine conservation issues in Europe and beyond. The upcoming conference will be a continuation of the international conferences from 2006 and 2009 which proved to be encouraging events with attendance of more than 200 experts from 20 countries. The conference is aimed at a wide range of participants and organizations such as international conventions and agreements, policy makers, conservation managers, scientists and inter- and non-governmental organizations. Attendance is limited to 250 participants.


International experts will again cover new and emerging issues and pay tribute to progress already made and identify promising approaches to proceed in marine nature conservation in Europe. Presentations will focus on:

  • The current status of the implementation of European Marine Protected Area networks with regard to the 2012 marine conservation aims;
  • Progress and problems encountered in the management of human impacts on the marine environment;
  • Marine nature conservation in marine policy with reference to the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)