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Measuring the quality and effectiveness of protected and conserved areas. Expert meeting for the development of possible indicators and methods for reporting.

02.02.2020 - 06.02.2020

Bundesamt für Naturschutz in Kooperation mit IUCN Globales Schutzgebietsprogramm
BfN: Andrea Höing, IUCN: Trevor Sandwith
Invited experts in the field of “Area-Based Conservation Measures” with diverse thematic backgrounds from various geographic regions

As part of the IUCN/BfN Partnership, this workshop will take as its starting point discussions held at the IUCN WCPA Steering Committee in 2019, as well as the outcomes of the CBD's Thematic Consultation on Area-Based Conservation Measures that will be held in Montréal from 1-3 December 2019.
To examine the elements of a potential post-2020 target that considers the quality of protected and conserved areas (i.e. as opposed to the extent) and considers how these elements could be expressed as measurable targets. This would not necessarily aim to come to a position on what the actual quantitative targets should be as this would involve much wider consultation and a political process with Parties to CBD;
To review existing data sources that relate to such targets and identify significant gaps in both content and quality of the data sets and their geographic coverage;
To consider how gaps could realistically be filled, by supporting and extending existing data collection or developing additional monitoring programmes;
To develop possible metrics that could be used to assess progress towards measurable quality targets that could draw on one or more of these datasets.


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