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Best Practices in Privately Protected Areas

23.06.2017 - 27.06.2017

IUCN/WCPA Specialst Group on PPAs in cooperation with Federal Agency for Protected Areas
IUCN Specialist Group on Privately Protected Areas: Brent Mitchell, Sue Stolton BfN: Ralf Grunewald
Experts on Privately Protected Areas Attendance on invitation only

Privately Protected Areas (PPAs) are under-represented in national protected area systems and under-reported internationally despite the fact that they are a rapidly growing element of the conservation estate. This workshop will examine current practice in PPAs and private, voluntary nature stewardship, and review recommendations and findings of the 2014 report, Futures of Privately Protected Areas. Participants will discuss barriers to the wider acceptance, legal recognition, and documentation of PPAs globally. A key output of the workshop will be a framework for IUCN guidance on management and governance of privately protected areas to be developed and published in the series of Best Practice Guidelines of Protected Areas.2 The group will also advise IUCN and WCPA on how they might address the mandate on PPAs delivered by the IUCN membership in October as IUCN Resolution WCC 2016 Res 036: Supporting privately protected areas.


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