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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

BfN Schriften 127 - New Elements of the International Regime on Access and BenefitSharing of Genetic Resources - the Role of Certificates of Origin

This study is concerned mainly with the design of an international ABS regime and specifically with the question which role certificates of origin, source or legal provenance could play in such a regime. In analyzing this question we are indebted to researchers who have studied this issue for years and made valuable suggestions upon which we have based our study, especially Brendan Tobin of the United Nations University (UNU).
Miriam Dross and Franziska Wolff
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Heft Nr.


The current debate on an international regime for access and benefit-sharing is rapidly gaining momentum. The enthusiasm among many countries is high,1 both due to the limitations of national legislation for the realization of benefit-sharing and because of the high expectations with regard to the expected benefits.

Thus, a common goal of all those involved in access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources should be to contribute to a regime that provides an effective means of promoting access and benefit-sharing in a fair and equitable way, offers legal clarity and certainty, and thereby protects both users and providers. What could be gained would be the building of trust between the provider and user side

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