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Bundesamt für Naturschutz

BfN Schriften 77 - Report of the International Workshop for CEE Countries. “Tourism in Mountain Areas and the Convention on Biological Diversity"

Biologische Vielfalt
Tourismus und Sport
In the year 2002, the International Year of Ecotourism and International Year of Mountains, October 1st- 5th, 29 participants from 9 countries met at the International Workshop for CEE Countries “Tourism in Mountain Areas and the Convention on Biological Diversity” in Sucha Beskidzka, Poland. The main goal of the workshop was to initiate an information exchange about current developments under the Conventionon Biological Diversity (CBD) which are considered relevant to sustainable tou rism management, as well as about the practices and tools for the implementation of sustainable tourism in Central and Eastern European Countries, especially mountain areas.
Michael Meyer, Christine Garbe, Larissa Gerstenberger and Helen Grant (Eds.)
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Heft Nr.


The participants discussed methodological approaches of selected protected areas with consideration of the CBD-Guidelines for sustainable tourism and the Ecosystem Approach. Different case studies prepared by the participants formed the basis of the identification of problem areas in the sustainable use of ecosystems, especially the tourism use. The outcome of the workshop was the elaboration of conclusions and statements about the current situation of tourism and biodiversity in the CEE-Countries and about the potential implementation of the CBD-Guidelines in the CEE-Countries.

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